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SEO Workshop: How to Use SEO Tactics to Elevate Your Brand’s Profile

June 2, 2014 | 8:30 – 11:45 a.m. | NYC

Join PR News on June 2 in New York City for a half-day workshop that will explore the latest tactics and tools you need to develop a successful SEO strategy. Our SEO trainers will teach you how to optimize all your content—including websites, blogs, social media content and video—so that it ranks high on a variety of search engines. You will learn how to adapt your content to Google’s search algorithms, find and use the right keywords and phrases to make your content searchable and track your progress with measurement tools.

Search engine optimization is not just about being found on Google; it’s about standing out among the millions of other Web sites, blogs and social media channels. Understanding how to optimize your content for better search engine ranking can translate into a broader customer base, increased brand awareness, and a higher bottom line. Without an SEO strategy, your message will not be heard.

At this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Research target keywords and phrases to increase brand exposure
  • Employ keywords effectively in your content
  • Understand the differences and capabilities of top search engines
  • Prepare for Google’s plans for Google+ and how that might affect the future of SEO
  • Shape your content to account for key factors in Google’s search algorithm
  • Craft headlines and content for news releases that result in greater pickup
  • Insert links properly to boost visibility and website traffic
  • Apply SEO tactics to social media content
  • Optimize your video content on YouTube
  • Create meta descriptions and tags to increase your click-through rate
  • Measure and track your content on search engines to test your SEO strategy


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Kareem Harper

Director, Measurement and Analytics Practice Group
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